This ULTRA-RARE LAMBORGHINI SUV Could Be Yours, If You Have Very DEEP Pockets.

Between 1986 and 1992 the Lamborghini LM002 was the most outrageous, the fastest, and undoubtably the meanest 4WD on the planet. For one lucky person, if their pockets are deep enough, there is one available for auction at RM Southby’s right now.

The dual cab pickup design seems to be the queue for the later developed GM H1.

If past sales history is anything to go by, you will probably need ballpark $500,000USD to call this baby your own, RM Southby’s however have put an estimated price of $200-$250k on it. Someone could end up with quite a bargain!

Winch came standard on the LM002.

As the tail goes, The LM002 was originally developed with the hope of winning a military contract with either the Middle East or the US (depending on who is telling the story), the “Rambo Lambo” was designed as a high speed recon vehicle, with kevlar reinforced tyres, armour plating and long travel suspension to overcome any and all obstacles, at ridiculous speeds. The contract was lost and the vehicles ended up being kitted out with sumptuous leather interiors and marketed for public sale.

Powered by the very same V12 engine found in the Countach, it could reach a top speed of over 200kph (120mph), which at the time was unheard of for an off-road vehicle.

That’s a Countach derived V12 under the hood.

Just 328 vehicles were produced. At the time, the LM002 was selling for around $160,000 USD ($200,000 AUD). One thing you can count on though, is this is one Lamborghini that will definitely fetch far more than its initial sticker price, with previous examples recently selling for between $450,000-$550,000 USD. As mentioned previously, RM Southby’s seems to expect this one will go for between $200,000 – $250,000.

By contrast, the newly released Lamborghini Uras is selling for around $200,000USD in the states, and as usual, Australia gets the raw end of the deal with a sticker price just shy of $400,000AUD.

If Porsche Cayenne depreciation figures are anything to go by in this luxury SUV segment, in a 5 years time though, expect resale of the Uras to probably drop by half.

So the question is, would you rather the brand new upmarket Uras, or the old school bad-ass Rambo Lambo LM002? We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Images courtesy of: RM Southby’s and Lamborghini Newport beach.