This Must Be The Most Beautiful Wedding Celebration EVER

Nothing is more powerful than the love between a bride, the groom and a V10 BMW E60 M5. Originally posted by Instagram user @ynd94, this is what I imagine every car enthusiast’s wedding ceremony would look like if they had access to one sweet E60 M5.

For those wondering why it sounds kind of like an angry F1 car, the BMW E60 is powered by a 5.0L V10 engine with 10 individual throttle bodies.

All we know is that that dress is going to smell like rubber for a long time to come.. No need to dry clean that baby 😛

Unfortunately the days of gus guzzling impractical sedans seems to be long gone, and while the newer BMW’s make more power, nothing stands out as ridiculous as the age of shoe horning a V10 into a family car with absolutely no regard for fuel economy.