The World’s First 2JZ Swapped A90 Supra

They say that it only matters who does it first, not those who come later on, and who better to pioneer a new swap than the man himself Daigo Saito.

Daigo Saito, famous for his drifting skills, titles and cars all over the world, has today unveiled his new A90 Supra.

“I’m so happy to be able to convert Supra into a drift car for the first time in the world.”

This is not just any A90 Supra, this is a bonnet exit exhaust, manual transmission, HKS 2jz powered A90 Supra! If that doesn’t get you excited for this platform, not a lot will.

Below you can check out the first video of it running !


The car sports a HKS built 2JZ which according to the HKS press release “is an 800 HP straight 6-cylinder 3,352 cc turbo engine”.

Sorry BMW lovers.

The legendary 2JZ, along with the rest of the expertly designe and engineered vehicle, was also stated in the same press release to have only taken 42 days to build and fit. This is quite fast even for HKS and Saito.

During the press release, Daigo Saito was also questioned on what he thought about it being his new drift car and how the supra felt to drive.

He states that “Because the wheelbase is short and the entire body is compact, it is possible to run more with a sharper, powerful driving is also possible, and it seems that you can control the car freely”.

He went on to talk about his love for modifying a brand new car and how because this is a very new vehicle it will give both his team and the fans something pretty amazing to watch.

We are really excited for D1GP to begin now to see this crazy creation out on track. For more information on D1GP feel free to check out the poster included below.

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