The Super Sized Isuzu Concept X

EMG Pty Ltd along with one of the top precision/stunt driving teams in Australia, Team Isuzu D-MAX, have recently unveiled the “Concept X” a heavily modified purpose built version of the standard Isuzu MU-X and D-MAX

Upon unveiling these behemoths it was clear that it would be rare to find anything bigger on Australia roads. Sporting an aggressive new body kit, custom fabricated and widened bodies they have some major road dominance.

Not only that, taking a look down under, there has been a massive lift to the suspension to accommodate for the 38 inch Toyo Open Country Tyres!

Those very same tyres were the reason the build began in the first place. The team was at a trade show and saw the Toyos. Instantly they wanted to fit them to an Isuzu and see how they looked! Obviously being as huge as they are they needed a pretty beefy body to support them and that’s where it all began.

Built to be the ultimate 4WD Tourer, these cars were more than a passion project. They were a mission to ring true to the companies motto “Go your own way”, and really, it’d be easy to go anywhere in one of these.

“The diesel engines in them (Concept X) are simply the best in the business” boasts Wayne Boatwright, head of the Isuzu Team D-Max. “The Concept X duo is a bit on the wild side though, they’re a bit like the evil cousins of the family” He continued.


Known for their ability to push  cars to their absolute limits, Team D-MAX assures us that these will be no exception. Although these cars will not be seeing the local market, they will infact be touring the country and visiting many 4×4 shows with the Isuzu crew.