The Great Debate : i30N Fastback or i30N Hatchback?

We are no stranger to the i30 N hatchback. Project N Sport has toured around Australia to various Motorsport events and its performance has been nothing short of amazing. Upon hearing Hyundai were releasing a fastback version of the market dominating hot hatch we knew we needed to check it out!

We were lucky enough to be invited by Hyundai Australia, N Performance and Geoff Fear to check out the newly released i30N Fastback while also having a factory i30N Hatchback to compare.

With the Fastback weighing only 15kg more and touting 55 litres more boot space than its Hatchback counterpart, which of these 271 Horsepower track capable daily driving beasts should you choose?

As this sneak peek is ahead of the official media release we cannot unveil model pricing or the actual difference in the two driving on the track or street, however we can show you a close up look at the two models and how they differ in styling and size. Check it out below!