The Creator Of The McLaren F1 Teases A Spiritual Successor

Gordon Murray, the creator of the McLaren F1, has teased a brad new sequel of sorts to his original creation. This was originally announced back in 2017, however there is now new information on the F1’s sequel.

He furthered his point about the car needing a true sequel by stating “nobody’s done another McLaren F1 since the F1”. This is mainly because he believes that no one really focuses on the core driver experience in a daily driving race car.

Murray finds the design of the car very important to be a true F1 sequel, from power to style and weight, it really affects how the car is perceived and enjoyed.

He assures reporters that the new vehicle won’t follow the trend of 1500 kilo super cars and rather closer to the original cars weight of 1,138 kilos.

While the car will not be available until at least next year, they are expected to start selling the limited quantities of the cars very soon. The car will not be designed to pass any sort of US or Australian design/import laws so they will mainly be collector’s items.

We look forward to seeing what sort of crazy vehicle Gordon Murray creates and hope it lives up to the legend of the original.