Millions Of Dollars In Porsche And Audi Lost To The Ocean

Last week, the Grande America (an Italian import/export ship) ran into some trouble off the coast of France, expensive trouble.

The ship is used for transporting goods around the world and often carries cars and other bulky previous items to dealerships for importation, these range from economic to luxury. Sadly, when devastation struck, there were many Porches and Audis on board.

Mourning aside for the luxury vehicles that were lost, the crew of the boat are luckily all safe. The 27 members were picked up and taken to safety by the British Military while the French started to work on the developing oil spill from the accident.

Porsche immediately saw fit to contact their valued customers and let them know what was going on. After all, the GT2 RS is a limited edition release and retails for around $295 Thousand, so these customers may not be pleased with the news.

They set a precedent by saying that “under normal circumstances, we would not reproduce this vehicle” further going on to state that “due to the nature of this incident, and the fact you are loyal and highly valuable Porsche customer, we have decided to resume Porsche GT2 RS production especially for you.”

Audi are set to replace the vehicles as usual as, while expensive nonetheless, the vehicles on board were limited edition. The manifest contained the A3, A5, Q7, RS4 and RS5 models. Customer may have to wait just a little bit longer to get their hands on these now!

As for the ship and environmental situation itself, the EPA and French Authorities are now at work containing the aforementioned spill and trying to stop it from reaching the southern coast.

As with any water vessel incident there is grave concern for the environment and safety of those involved, hence why the matter is being handled promptly.