Jun Auto Mechanic Founder Passes Away at 76

Junichi Tanaka, perhaps one of the most iconic automotive personality and founder of one of the most prolific tuner’s in the world, has sadly passed away on March 5th 2019.

Junichi Tanaka was responsible for starting the company that would go on to break numerous records for speed and track times. If Jun’s logo popped up on a bright yellow car you knew they meant business.

He started his first venture “Jun Machine Shop” after working with his families steel manufacturing industry for many years (Tanaka Industrial Co). This allowed Tanaka to build his first full kit, a stroke kit for a Nissan.

These kits were used to stroke L series Nissan’s to 3.5 Litre, this really began his passion for building cars that push the limits of speed.

Tanaka later went on to establish Jun Auto Mechanic. The idea was that they could build any sort of car under their umbrella of a tuning shop to become a powerhouse.

To prove this quality Tanaka visited the US time and time again to compete in speed runs. These were then covered heavily by Japanese media and even the US, thus pushing Jun Auto Mechanic into the history books as one of the first tuners to break US records.

For Japan and really the entire automotive world, a big part of tuning history was lost on the 5th. His legacy will always be known however through his mental, record breaking, JDM monsters!