How To Save Your Car From A Natural Disaster

When natural disaster strikes people do some ingenious, inventive or downright crazy things. Some people board up their windows and move the lawn chairs inside, others build ramps out of boards instead and drive their cars inside.

Check out the stunt below!


Debbo Green saw the storm coming and did what needed to be done to stop the family car from getting washed away during Hurricane Florence.

Hurricanes in the USA can get quite violent so the family needed to batten down the hatches and save what they could. Debbo looked around and collected some wooden planks to make a simple yet effective ramp.

Once flooring it up the planks and halfway onto the porch, his wife gets out to drive and he pushes the Jetta out of harm’s way.


At first, it seemed like a ridiculous idea, but we have to give props to Debbo and his family for coming up with such an inventive way to save the car! Not only that but because of the power from the vehicle they were able to have light, charge phones for weather updates and even cook food. According to the family it was the only car on the blocked that wasn’t effected by the flood waters.