Hold onto your socks, because we finally got our hands on some pictures of what might just be the final edition Aventador we can expect from Lamborghini, and it looks INSANE!

Check that third leg on the rear wing

A little bit Aventador SV, a little bit Veneno and a lot of the Huracan Performante make this quite possibly the best looking and most likely the most limited edition Aventador to hit production.

The front demonstrates a revised splitter design, which undoubtably uses the new “ALA” active aerodynamics as found on the Huracan Performante that shattered the Nurburgring record last year.

Note additional intake vents both above and below the splitter.

The rear is where most of the magic is happening. Check out the revised rear diffuser that does away with the lower centre exit exhaust to make way for incredibly extreme lower aero. Note the twin upper mounted exhausts, almost identical to that of the Huracan Performante, albeit a larger diameter to accommodate the larger displacement naturally aspirated V12.

At first glance that looks like a Performante from the rear.

Sources say that Lamborghini were not too happy with the Porsche GT2 taking that short lived record away, and the Aventador GT may just be their answer to silence Porsche for the near future. Also, did you really think that Lambo would leave the baby brother “entry level” Huracan take all the glory? Didn’t think so 😉

So, enter the Aventador GT (as we have been hinted it will be called). That name is not yet confirmed, but it does seem to follow a logical pattern if we look at the Diablo SV, then VT and finally the GT.

Current estimates will see base prices somewhere above $1,000,000 AUD, putting them in close proximity to the Aventador SV.

Given that we have spotted test mules in both hard top and roadster, we are confident we will see both of them produced.

With a three post rear wing that appears to be borrowed from the ultra-rare Lamborghini Veneno, and a “Centenario” style lower diffuser with additional vents, most likely also part of the ALA system.
Production numbers are said to be far lower than even the rarest SV, so you might want to start saving right away.
Power? Well that’s anyones guess, but sources suggest to expect something north of 760hp (770ps), which should earn it the label LP770-4 or even LP780-4. Here’s top hoping!
No doubt it will carry over the advanced four-wheel-steer system from the Aventador “S”, which actually saw the “S” faster and easier to drive than the “SV” around the track. Add the active aero from the Performante and Lambo might just be in with a chance to steer the relatively heavy V12 powerhouse flagship vehicle around the ‘Ring in record time.
Being an avid Lambo fan, I quite honestly can’t wait. Bring on the running of the bulls!