A Pandem MK5 Supra Kit Already?!

Pandem have been pushing the boundaries of body kits for a while now. Up there with Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny, there is no limit to what they won’t wide body.

With the new Toyota Supra MK5 on the horizon everyone is buzzing with potential power modifications and dress up parts. Even exhibitors at Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 were ranting and raving about their excitement for the new platform to work their magic with.

We have seen many renders in the past few weeks and months of lowered, engine swapped, aero kitted or even slammed Supras but Pandem takes the cake.

While the kit on the car is rendered, it would not be hard for this kit to become a reality especially looking at Pandem’s current line up of body kits.

Opinions on the kit so far and quite polarizing, while many love it there is also a large community that prefers the stock body. Generally this is seen when any excessively styled body kit is released.

There are two main points to note when it comes to a kit like this. Firstly, fitment can ruin the overall look, often body kits are installed by people without the experience to do so leaving panel gaps and the like cheapening the look a lot.

Secondly, the styling of the rest of the vehicle, a kit this aggressive needs a paint job and wheels with specifications to back it up. The rendered wheels are similar to that of Work VSXXs.

The most exciting part about this unveiling is the fact that we will see the other body kit companies release their designs soon too! This is definitely a car to watch.