A Look At Australia’s Grass Roots Drifting Scene

Drifting has become one of the most dominant forms of Motorsport in Australia in the last decade. From beginners to the ever growing professional scene where drivers compete internationally, we love a good slide!

Many groups strive to bring the enthusiastic love for the sport to the public in form of grass roots events. Often we see track days, drift nights and  weekend track events, but nothing quite compares to drift pilgrimage that is Halfway Hangs.

This event pulls the eyes of the drift scene to a small town called Valla Beach in New South Whales, mainly their Go Kart Track. Hired out annually, it boasts a bare bones event like no other.

People from all over the Eastern States of Australia road trip to the event, some even as far reaching as Darwin. Often you will see convoys of drift cars headed there. There is also a show and shine on the day before the event where JDM lovers can show off their cars and win awards based on style.

Drivers are chosen based on skill, visuals, potential and their cars. Spots are limited to provide a full day of drift action for the drivers and on lookers.

The aim of this is also to provide drivers who want to hone their skills a good group of competitors doing the same. There are far less crashes or incidents at an event like this than bigger drift competitions where entries are on a first come first serve basis.

We got the pleasure of heading down and attending the event with many friends, beginners and potential future professional drifters. Halfway Hangs brings the drifting scene together in a very comradery focused way.

There is a strong Do-It-Yourself attitude on display at this event. The local caravan park is hired out with everything from oil changes to engine swaps being down in the accommodation’s front yards!

Given the chance, it is an event any prospective drifter or Motorsport enthusiast should attend. A full day of this never gets old!